South Sacramento’s Halloween Event Revives Park Haunted by Crime

A nearby park was packed with police and fire personnel on Sunday, but not for the normal crime scene. Violence has haunted William Chorley Park in South Sacramento. However, Halloween is now used to ensure that the real ghosts and goblins have a good time.

After crime once kept people out of the park, the only things to fear are the creepy masks and grotesque makeup.

“The parking lot right where I’m standing right now used to be full of abandoned vehicles, burned-out trailers, prostitution, drugs, needles everywhere,” said Matthew King, who was standing nearby.

According to Matthew King, people couldn’t even use the park two and a half years ago. Indeed, people were so terrified that neighbours had gradually become strangers.

“A lot of folks in our neighbourhood no longer decorate their homes. They do not give out treats. “There’s really nowhere for the kids to go,” Matthew explained.

That’s why, three years ago, he established a Trunk-or-Treat event, inviting Sacramento Police and Fire Departments, as well as vendors, to host a family movie night.

“They are really looking forward to this park becoming something great, and I think it shows that people want to be here, which is fantastic.” Lindsey, Matthew’s wife, expressed her excitement.


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