SpaceX Scrubs Falcon Heavy X-37B Space Plane Launch Due to Ground Issue

The profoundly expected send-off of SpaceX’s Bird of Prey Weighty rocket conveying the puzzling X-37B space plane was scoured yesterday, December 11, only minutes before takeoff. The send-off, assigned USSF-52, was planned to occur from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, however, SpaceX canceled it due to a “ground issue.”
The specific idea of the ground issue has not been uncovered by SpaceX, however, the organization has expressed that both the rocket and the payload stay sound. Another day for kickoff has not yet been set, and SpaceX is presently examining the issue.

The send-off of the Hawk Weighty was profoundly expected, as it would have been whenever the strong rocket first was utilized to send off the mysterious X-37B space plane. The X-37B is an uncrewed, reusable spaceplane worked by the U.S. Space Power. Its missions are covered in mystery, yet it is accepted to be utilized for various purposes, including space-based observation, weapons testing, and innovation advancement.
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X37B space plane

The scour of the Bird of Prey Weighty send-off is a misfortune for SpaceX, as the organization has been wanting to expand the send-off rhythm of its weighty lift rocket. Nonetheless, the organization has a long history of effectively settling specialized issues, and all things considered, the X-37B mission will be sent off soon.

The X-37B is a remarkable and intriguing space apparatus, and its missions are of incredible interest to space lovers and military specialists the same. The cleaning of the Bird of Prey Weighty send-off has simply added to the interest encompassing the X-37B program.

Here are a few extra insights regarding the Bird of Prey Weighty send-off clean:

The send-off was planned to occur at 8:24 p.m. EST on December eleventh.
The send-off was scoured only 30 minutes before takeoff.
The specific idea of the ground issue has not been uncovered.
Another day for kickoff has not yet been set.
SpaceX is right now examining the issue.
The clean of the Hawk Weighty send-off is an update that spaceflight is a perplexing and testing try. In any case, it is likewise a demonstration of the creativity and strength of the space business.

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