Sr. Pastor Keith Mozingo updates about stolen baby Jesus

In a poignant response to the theft of the baby Jesus figurine from the nativity scene outside his church, Senior Pastor Keith Mozingo expressed a mix of disappointment and resilience. The incident occurred late Sunday evening, leaving the Bethlehem Baptist Church’s nativity scene incomplete just days before Christmas.

Pastor Mozingo, addressing the incident during a special midweek service, urged his congregation to focus on the true meaning of Christmas rather than dwelling on the unfortunate incident. He emphasized the importance of forgiveness and understanding, encouraging the community to come together in the spirit of unity during this festive season.

“Theft is disheartening, especially when it targets symbols of faith and goodwill. However, we will not let this incident dampen our Christmas spirit. Instead, let us reflect on the message of hope and love that Christmas represents,” Pastor Mozingo passionately conveyed to the congregation.

The stolen baby Jesus figurine, a central symbol in the nativity scene, holds deep sentimental value for the church community. While expressing his disappointment, Pastor Mozingo emphasized that material losses should not overshadow the spiritual significance of the holiday season. He urged the congregation to embrace forgiveness and extend compassion to the individual responsible for the theft.

In a remarkable display of resilience, the church has decided to replace the missing figurine and rededicate the nativity scene during a special Christmas Eve service. The congregation, joined by members of the local community, will gather to celebrate the birth of Jesus and symbolize their commitment to resilience in the face of adversity.

Additionally, the church is working with local law enforcement to investigate the incident and ensure the safety and security of their property. While disappointed by the theft, Pastor Mozingo remains optimistic about the community’s ability to come together and overcome challenges.

As news of the stolen baby Jesus spread, the community rallied in support, offering assistance in replacing the figurine and expressing solidarity with Bethlehem Baptist Church. The incident serves as a reminder that, even in moments of disappointment, the true spirit of Christmas lies in the resilience of faith and the strength of a united community.

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