Standoff Suspect Arrested After Sheriff’s K-9 Encounter in Sacramento Government Building

After a two-hour standoff with police at the Sacramento location of the California Franchise Tax Board, a man is finally in jail.

According to the police, the incident ended peacefully because of the deputies’ quick thinking while on the site.


Man Arrested Following Truck Theft and Standoff at Sacramento Government Building

Around 6:30 o’clock in the evening, the suspected theft of a truck from a nearby company is when the incident began. He then allegedly drove the vehicle to the Tax Board, parked it outside, and broke the front window with a tyre iron. Once inside, he made threats against multiple security personnel and requested their access codes.

He continued to move deeper into the structure after being told to stop. Shortly after they arrived, deputies were able to attach him to the east wing of the structure. Deputies located him precisely and made contact using a drone.

A Sacramento County Sheriff’s K-9 intercepted the man when he attempted to flee the east side of the structure after about two hours.

Man Arrested at Sacramento Government Building Following Standoff with Sheriff’s K-9

“Not a shot was fired. According to Amar Gandhi, a spokeswoman for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, the man suffered only minor injuries from a dog bite. “The dog managed to catch him. We were successful in apprehending him. It’s a happy conclusion that we might have hoped for that he is being taken to the hospital.

The CHP is currently in charge of the inquiry because the incident took place at a state building. For the next few hours, police are anticipated to be at the building conducting an investigation. In order to check if anything was stolen, officers can be seen entering and exiting the building. The identity of the suspect has not yet been made public. It’s also not apparent why he entered the building in the first place.

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