Stolen Banksy artwork results in second arrest of a suspect by London police

As said by London Police on Sunday, a second suspect was arrested in the alleged theft of a work by the elusive street artist Banksy of a stop sign adorned with three military drones.

As updated by Metropolitan police, this man was taken into custody on suspicion of theft and criminal damage in his 40s. The other suspect who was in his 20s was arrested on Saturday was released on bail.When Banksy posted a photo of the work on Instagram, witness who have arrived at a street corner on Friday in the South London section of Peckham said that they were stunned to watch a man with bolt cutters remove the sign as another man steadied a bike he stood on. This incident got captured in photos and video.

Much of Banksy’s political and satirical art is critical of war, and many of his followers interpreted the work as calling for a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.

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