Strengthening Mental Health Coverage is now Biden’s Priority

President Joe Biden announced that the government will begin to produce new rules and regulations that aimed the strengthening mental health treatments.

Last Tuesday, July 25th, 2023, President Biden wished to boost mental health facilities and treatments with new rules and procedures. These rules will still undergo a public comment period in which the public will speak about what are their rights about it.

Biden administration proposes new rules to push insurers to increase mental health coverage

According to the rules,
Insurers must ensure that their clients or customers have access to medical and mental health benefits, if not they must take measure to provide it to them which can be referred to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act which also state that all clients or patients should have the same level of treatment coverage both mental and physical health care.

Biden stated ” I don’t know what the difference is between breaking an arm and having a mental breakdown- it’s health. We should not be compromised and must fulfill the true mental health parity to all Americans”

If these rules will be implemented, insurers’ top priority is to examine each patient’s outcomes, this would guarantee that the benefits for mental and physical health care are provided equally.

The White House said that outcome of these rules will make insurers comply with legislation.


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