Substitute Teacher Couple Arrested in Prostitution Sting Amid Financial Struggles

Following the conclusion of an undercover investigation by police, two Tennessee elementary substitute teachers—who are also a couple—were arrested for prostitution. One of them claimed they had been doing it for years to supplement their income or risk “starving.”

Hamilton County Schools employees David Acevedo, 25, and Ezra Fry, 22, were apprehended in August.

According to WTVC, which cited a police report, the undercover sting started when an officer pretended to be a “john” and contacted Fry on “an illicit prostitution website” in an attempt to arrange a sexual meeting.

In response, Fry—who addresses people as they/them—stated that it would cost $150 and explained what they would and wouldn’t do.

Fry allegedly told the undercover police officer that although they generally go to the client’s house, since it was the “john’s” first time and their husband would be there, it was safer to do it at their place.

After guiding him to a bedroom in the back, Fry stole the officer’s money, and the officer introduced himself and brought the pair into custody.

According to the investigation, Fry and Acevedo “both made statements during and after the search, including both stating that ‘they have to do this or they will starve.'”

The officers were informed by both parties that they teach special education at Woodmore Elementary and Calvin Donaldson Elementary. Fry said, “I don’t care, everyone has seen my [private parts],” during a conversation with an officer, the complaint continued.

During a check of the house, police reportedly found “a large amount of drug paraphernalia” and a.22-caliber firearm.

Fry and Acevedo were issued many misdemeanour citations for offences such as possessing a handgun without authorization, prostitution or encouraging prostitution, and prohibited drug paraphernalia.

According to a district spokesman who talked to WTVC, Fry has not worked in a Hamilton County school since August. ESS is a firm that provides staffing solutions to school systems.

Acevedo’s private Instagram account describes him as a “Trans, Disabled, Queer, Puerto Rican, ExEd Teacher,” while Fry’s page describes them as “Rabid Queer, Gender Anarchist, College Dropout.”

Fry faced criticism this year while employed by the Hamilton County system as an elementary school teacher after it was alleged that she was a transgender woman.

The accusations started after a picture of them, dressed in a frock and with their hair coloured pink, appeared on social media and was taken in a school hallway.

As a non-binary person, Fry told the Chattanooga Times in April that she doesn’t let her gender affect her work. “Obviously, because people believe I am, this whole thing has blown up.”

The day following the April incident, ESS informed Fry that they had received a request to not go back to that particular school.

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