Suspect In The Assassination Of A Philadelphia Police Officer Spotted On Security Footage: Know More Here

Police in Philadelphia released video evidence Friday of at least one suspect in the late-night killing of two police officers, one of whom was fatally shot as they both arrived for their jobs at Philadelphia International Airport.

Suspect In The Assassination Of A Philadelphia Police Officer Spotted On Security Footage: Know More Here

Officer Richard Mendez, 50, was shot and killed while responding to the sound of glass shattering and attempting to intervene in a car break-in inside the parking garage involving three or four people, said Interim Philadelphia Police Commissioner John Stanford at a news conference on Friday. According to officials, the intervention developed into a fight with a suspect who opened fire on the officers.

Mendez was struck several times. Raul Ortiz, 60, the other cop, was shot in the arm. Both were transported to separate hospitals, where Mendez was pronounced dead. Ortiz’s status was listed as stable.

Mendez was slain just three days before his 23rd birthday as a police officer. He has a daughter and is married. According to authorities, his gun was not retrieved at the site.

Stanford described the murder as a “devastating incident.”

“I would submit to you that it’s devastating to this city to know that this is the type of behaviour that’s occurring,” he said. “The type of individuals that are out there on the street to take someone’s life over a vehicle that didn’t belong to them.”

One suspect, Jesus Herman Madera-Duran, 18, was shot and left the area in a stolen black Dodge Durango before responding officers arrived.

Police believe the vehicle arrived at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia shortly after and dropped off the injured suspect. Interim Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore stated that investigations had not yet determined whether Madera-Duran was the shooter or how he was killed.

He stated that investigators were still looking for up to three more individuals.

Authorities shared a video of at least one suspect dropping Madera-Duran off at the hospital. The truck is observed approaching an area occupied by EMTs. The suspect drags Madera-Duran out of the SUV, returns to the vehicle, and drives away.

According to authorities, the car was discovered on fire on Friday after detectives were able to tap into an air tag tracking device in the SUV.

A reward of $148,000 is being offered for information in this case.

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