Suspect In The Double Murder Leaves Recordings: Know More Here

During “a date” in Alaska in 2019, a sex worker stole a man’s phone full of graphic photos and videos, including one that had a self-recorded murder, and copied them to a memory card, according to court filings. As a result, the man is currently on trial for murder.

Suspect In The Double Murder Leaves Recordings: Know More Here

A guy, later identified by Anchorage police as 52-year-old Brian Steven Smith was seen in one of the films pushing a luggage cart with the body of a battered woman covered in a blanket.

Prosecutors said that Kathleen Henry, a 30-year-old homeless woman from a town in western Alaska, was the victim. In 2019, Smith entered a not guilty plea to the murders of the two women, Veronica Abouchuk, 53, and her.

“In my movies, everybody always dies,” a man with a thick South African accent allegedly says in a video. “What are my followers going to think of me? People need to know when they are being serial killed.”

That was one of twelve films and thirty-nine pictures that were taken from the memory card that was marked “Homicide at Midtown Marriott.” Before the trial, Smith’s defence team made an ineffective attempt to have the entire memory card thrown out.

When Smith was approached by law police in 2019 on an unrelated investigation, they noticed his accent and took him into custody about the murders of two homeless Alaskan native women.

He entered a not-guilty plea to 14 accusations, which included sexual assault, first- and second-degree murder, and evidence tampering.

Smith’s trial is finally starting in Anchorage, Alaska, following more than four years of court battles related to the stolen memory card and setbacks, including the pandemic.

A request for comment from Fox News Digital was not immediately answered by his attorney, Timothy Ayer.

Jurors were briefed about the horrific, cruel recordings on the graphic SD card that they would soon view.

“The videos and other images in general show a woman’s final 35 or so minutes of life,” presiding Judge Kevin Saxby said, according to Court TV. “They show her being strangled to death. She’s already been severely beaten by the point the videos are being taken, and she’s being tortured and played with while she’s dying.

“And in addition to being robbed of her life, she’s being robbed of her dignity. And I’ve concluded that I have a duty not to make the court system complicit in that.”

Although Smith’s trial is being webcast live, the judge decided that the graphic material should only be seen in person. Playing the audio for the general public would be permitted.

According to a Court TV broadcast, Detective Brendan Lee of the Anchorage Police Department provided the jury with an explanation of the photos and recordings.

The victim is taunted with a thick South African accent at one point, asking, “Do people need to learn how to die these days?”

The person who took the phone and moved the images and videos, Valerie Casler, gave testimony last week detailing how she obtained the crucial piece of evidence and what she observed on it.

“In the hotel room, it showed (Kathleen Henry) laying on the ground — on the rug — and she was, like, all beat up. I mean, her face was not even recognizable, and he was hitting her and telling her she isn’t going to leave the hotel alive, that he’s killing her,” Casler testified, according to Western Mass News.

She claimed that he could be seen taking her body outside and loading her into his truck in the footage.

Casler allegedly remarked, “He’s holding her up, posing her in various ways, and playing with her.”

In the end, mushroom pickers discovered Abouchuk’s skull, according to testimony from a medical examiner and an Alaska state trooper.

According to Court TV, Smith admitted to killing Abouchuk when questioned about Henry’s passing.

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