Suspected Mass Shooter At A Strip Club, An Armed Florida Man Will Get Psychological Testing

Before the case goes to trial, a Florida man who reportedly planned a mass shooting at a strip club will have his mental health examined. He was stopped as he entered the packed club brandishing a revolver and covering his face with a devil’s mask.

Suspected Mass Shooter At A Strip Club, An Armed Florida Man Will Get Psychological Testing

The Tampa Police Department released stunning surveillance footage on March 19, 2023, showing 44-year-old Michael Rudman wearing a red and black devil mask with the phrases “kill” and “dark one” written on his arms.

After upon, it is said that Rudman approached the venue’s door with a torch in one hand and a revolver in the other, until Manuel ‘Manny’ Anthony Resto, 55, noticed him.

At first, Resto assumed it was a joke, but when he noticed the gun, he moved to stop Rudman and took the gun from him before they started fighting.

One round was fired from the gun during the battle, and then Resto picked it up and aimed it at Rudman. The bullet did not strike anyone.

An affidavit stated that the defendant was carrying multiple rounds of ammunition, according to FOX 13 in Tampa. He had his truck parked and running not far from the main gate, and inside were various handgun accessories and nine knives.

“It is believed Rudman intended to commit an act of mass violence and kill multiple people inside the club,” court filings read.

The station found out that Rudman’s record had 19 encounters with the Clearwater Police Department before the event. Not only has he been charged with violence on a law enforcement officer just five months before the March 2023 incident, but he has also been arrested at least four times in Pinellas County.

Rudman’s lawyer indicated during a court appearance last month that his client’s prior arrests resulted in mental health treatment that was eventually discontinued.

According to the station, the lawyer also informed the judge that they would not ask for a bond because the client was getting the necessary mental health care while incarcerated.

Due to illness, Rudman has missed multiple court dates; on Monday, it was stated that a psychiatrist would be assigned to evaluate him. April is when he is expected in court again.

Rudman is currently being prosecuted for possessing cocaine and other drug paraphernalia, aggravated battery, assault with a lethal weapon, and firearm possession while under a risk protection order.

The station also stated that the Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office had asked for a search warrant in December to look through Rudman’s electronic devices for evidence that he was preparing a mass massacre.

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