Bungled Heist: Bank Robbery Suspect In Huron Apprehended After Bizarre Recycling Bin Escape Attempt

Bank Robbery Suspect

Bank Robbery Suspect In Huron End Up Behind Bars In a peculiar turn of events, a bank robbery suspect in Huron, Ohio, attempted a daring escape using a recycling bin, only to end up behind bars. The incident unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday morning when officers responded to an alarm at the VacationLand … Read more

22-Year-Old Son of Chicago Police Officer was Shot During Attempted Robbery

The 22 years old son of a Chicago Police Officer was tried to rob by unknown two individuals after the 22 years old refused to surrender his belongings he was shot. In a published article on Fox 32 Chicago, it was Saturday morning when authorities responded to a 911 call at Morgan Park. In the … Read more