Murphy Hokey Law

February 29, 2024

Student Loan Forgivness Biden—Pause Nears End: Democrats Push Biden for Swift Action  

Student Loan Forgivness Biden

Student Loan Forgivness Biden: Student Debt Repayment’s Interregnum—End Looming Over 80 Democratic lawmakers (including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer) have rallied behind a call for President Joe Biden to: expedite the formulation of a fresh “Student Loan Forgivness Biden strategy” within the upcoming year. The urgency—formulation of Student Loan Forgivness Biden—stems from the looming end […]

Biden Unveils $130 Million Student Debt Forgiveness for 7,400 Borrowers from College

In a major development, President Biden revealed plans to forgive $130 million in student debt for 7,400 borrowers who were former attendees of the now-closed for-profit college, College America, located in Colorado. $130 Million Student Debt Forgiveness On Tuesday, President Biden announced the forgiveness of $130 million in student debt for 7,400 borrowers who had […]