“Tragic Blaze: Mississippi Couple Accused of Fatal Fire Following Drug Dispute”

In a harrowing turn of events, a Mississippi couple faces severe charges after allegedly instigating a fatal fire amid a heated argument about drugs. The incident, which led to the death of a 75-year-old man, has shaken the community of Vicksburg. On the fateful Friday of February 2nd, authorities rushed to 508 Speed St. in … Read more

Man gets life for kidnapping and killing 4-year-old girl in 1986

A 63-year-old man named McDowell from Lexington County will be going to spend his whole life in prison due to charges of killing young daughter of his ex-girlfriend named Jessica Gutierrez of 4 years of age nearly 37 years ago in 1986. As the report says, on morning of June 6, 1986, Jessica’s mother woke … Read more

A Kansas City mother is accused of killing her infant by putting her in the oven

A mother from Kanas city had killed her 1-month-old baby by placing her in the oven as per the court documents filed in Jackson County. The mother was then arrested and accused for charges for felony child endangerment in the first degree. Officer from the Kansas City Police Department came to know about this incident … Read more

Body of famed Tennessee sheriff’s wife exhumed 57 years after her cold case murder

Body of wife of a former farmed Tennessee sheriff has been extracted from ground through authorities after more than a half-century when she was fatally shot in a still-unsolved killing. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had extracted the body of Pauline Pusser, wife of McNairy County Sheriff Buford Pusser on Thursday at Adamsville Cemetery. She … Read more

Woman with brain bleed mistakenly arrested by state trooper for drunken driving, lawsuit says

A woman named Nicole McClure has been arrested by a Washington State Patrol trooper on charges of suspicion of drunken driving into Thurston County Jail on March 21, 2022. At that time of arrest she was experiencing a life-threatening brain bleed and booked her into jail where officials mocked her instead of providing her medical … Read more

Clay man killed in fatal stabbing after trying to kick out roommate, DA says

When a man from Clay, New York, tried to kick out his roommate got killed due to the fatal stabbing of a 32-year-old man during an argument. The man named Brady Tyo was living at 8370 Theodolite Drive in the Kimbrook Manor Apartments complex with his girlfriend and a roommate as reported by the deputies.

Suspect charged for alleged kidnapping, sexual assault of a woman at gunpoint in Normandy Park

According to Normandy Park Police, a man who was held in King County Jail for being accused for allegedly kidnapping a random woman at gunpoint and forced her to perform sex acts. This man is now held on bail of $925,000. This incident took place on October 23, around 6 p.m. when a woman was … Read more

U.S. issues travel advisory for Jamaica and Bahamas amid rising crime; local agent stresses safety measures

A new warning for American travelers who headed to the Caribbean have been issued by the U.S. Department of State because of violent crime. This happened due to the large number of bookings and planning of vacation by the Americans during the spring break. Different levels of travel advisory have been passed on both the … Read more

Dem Gov Says Deporting Migrants Who Allegedly Beat Police Officers Should Be On The Table: REPORT

Two New York City cops were got beaten in Times Square by a group of illegal migrants as said by the Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. Hochul also asked on Wednesday whether the alleged perpetrators should be deported. She also said that someone who commits any crime against a police officer in the state … Read more

19 Investigates: Cleveland man charged with shooting 10-year-old girl took an AR-15 to school in 2022

A man from Cleveland who took an AR-15 rifle to a high school in 2022 has been accused on charges of shooting a 10-year-old girl last fall. During the incident the girl’s mother was driving in Fairport Avenue in Cleveland’s Forest Hills neighborhood on October 14 and then a man named Jamar Hunter of age … Read more