Director of Cocaine Bear: Elizabeth Banks Uncloaked A Surprising Truth Behind Fake Drugs Gulped In The Movie

Cocaine Bear

The Director of Cocaine Bear Exposed the Ingredients of Fake Drugs in the Movie

Elizabeth Banks
Director of Cocaine Bear Elizabeth Banks Revealed the Ingredients of Cocaine (Photo: Looper)

Elizabeth Banks, 49, the director of Cocaine Bear unveiled the real score behind – what appears to be genuine– cocaine swallowed by the child actors in the movie set.

In a 2023 dark-comedy film officially released on the twenty-fourth of February in the same year, Elizabeth Banks, director of Cocaine Bear and a well-known Hollywood actress disclosed an astonishing secret behind the fake drugs that were taken by Prince and Convery, the child actors who played the role of Dee and Henry in the movie. The director of Cocaine Bear opts to highlight a ton of cocaine on the big screen as the movie was truly based on a drug trade incident that happened previously.

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In an article published by Poppy Bilderbeck in UNILAD, the director of Cocaine Bear stated that the film set concocted a mixture of non-medicinal ingredients to create fake cocaine that the child actors tasted. Funny fact, The director of Cocaine Bear also asserted that no one in the movie realistically took cocaine and eventually got high. To impart a bit of medicinal fact, cocaine is a Class A drug and a white powder stimulant that has been considered illegal in any country in the world.

According to an article published in INSIDER, the director of Cocaine Bear said: “It was mostly sugar but we did add a little salt because we wanted their reaction to be as real as possible and I felt if we fed these kids just sugar, I don’t think they are going to think it tastes bad. So there was a mix of salt.”

The director of Cocaine Bear even underscored that the movie is not pro-drug although the movie’s title and its tone ostensibly appear to foster drug use. Banks, the director of Cocaine Bear also explained: “That’s obvious. We are not glorifying drugs in this film. So the kids got that. They weren’t interested in it. And their parents were there the whole time. They were well supervised.”