Notorious Warlord Extradited: Faces Justice in Colombia for Hundreds of Murders

In a significant development, a notorious warlord with a dark history of involvement in hundreds of murders has been extradited to Colombia after completing a drug-related sentence in the United States. The warlord, whose name is withheld due to security concerns, faced charges related to drug trafficking and conspiracy. Having served time in a U.S. … Read more

U.S. Military Initiates Airstrikes on Houthi Sites in Yemen in Ongoing Conflict

In the latest escalation of the conflict in Yemen, sources from the Associated Press (AP) report that the U.S. military has launched another series of missile strikes against Houthi-controlled sites. The airstrikes are part of the ongoing efforts to address the complex and longstanding crisis in the region.   The Houthi rebels, who have been … Read more

Navigating Waters of Change: Unraveling the Brief yet Impactful History of Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile Attacks

Anti-ship ballistic missiles (ASBMs) have emerged as potent tools in modern naval warfare, reshaping strategic dynamics and maritime security. The history of ASBMs is a testament to their evolution and the impact they have had on naval tactics and global geopolitics. The concept of using ballistic missiles against naval vessels dates back to the Cold … Read more