Alarming Crime Rates in Ohio: Facing the Reality

Crime rates in Ohio have become a cause for growing concern as several cities within the state grapple with alarming levels of violence and criminal activity. Crime Rates in Ohio Surge READ ALSO: Exploring Crime Rates In Florida From major urban centers to smaller communities, the challenge of high crime rates in Ohio persists. Examining … Read more

Fatal Shooting Tragedy: Indiana Parents Charged as 5-Year-Old With Cocaine Shoots and Kills 1-Year-Old Brother With Marijuana in His System

An Indiana couple is facing charges following a fatal shooting involving their young children.  Charges Filed in Fatal Shooting Incident READ ALSO:Florida Supreme Court Issues Public Reprimand To Judge In Parkland Shooter Trial For Biased Behavior  Deonta Jermaine Johnson, 27, and Shatia Tiara Welch, 24, have been arrested and charged in connection with the death … Read more