Chilling Testimony Unveiled: Eyewitness Recounts the Moment Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay Was Fatally Shot – ‘Then I See Jay Just Fall

In a gripping courtroom scene today, an eyewitness took the stand to testify in the long-awaited trial of the murder of iconic Run-DMC DJ, Jam Master Jay. The witness, whose identity remains protected due to security concerns, recounted the chilling events of that fateful night, providing crucial insights into the 2002 slaying that has left … Read more

Update of the Illinois deadliest assault weapons registration rules.

Illinois gun proprietors are confronting vulnerability as the cutoff time for enlisting things under the state’s attack weapons boycott draws near. The General Gathering’s Joint Board of Trustees on Regulatory Principles (JCAR), liable for supervising state organization rulemaking, deferred a choice on the last guidelines and will return to the matter on January 16 in … Read more