Claremont Stabbing Suspect Arrested After Violent Attack

The guy wanted in relation to last week’s brutal stabbing in Claremont has been taken into custody by police. According to a statement from the Claremont Police Department, Phillip Borunda, 41, was apprehended over the weekend at approximately 10 p.m. on Sunday after being found at a train platform in Hollywood by Los Angeles police … Read more

One Shot in Winnetka: Multiple Suspects Flee Scene in White Sedan

Late Sunday, one person was shot in Winnetka, and investigators are still looking for the perpetrator. According to Los Angeles Police Department detectives, officers were rushed to the site near Mason Avenue and Roscoe Boulevard shortly before 6 p.m. after learning of the incident. When they arrived, they discovered one individual, only identified as a … Read more

Los Angeles Freeway Robbery: Car Crash Victim Targeted by Heartless Robbers in Broad Daylight

In a shocking video, several brash auto burglars are seen purposefully running the victim off the road before robbing him on the side of a Los Angeles motorway during the day. Around 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, four masked and dark-clothed offenders were seen speeding out of a black Dodge Caravan towards a black Alfa Romeo … Read more

Authorities Seek Suspects After Man Injured in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles Shooting

Following a shooting in Toluca Lake on Thursday, police are looking for many suspects. The incident took place near the 4600 block of Cahuenga Boulevard, north of the 134 Motorway, at approximately 5:20 p.m. Three men are reportedly wanted by LAPD for the incident. Gunfire apparently broke out, and they took off in a car. … Read more

Zero Cash Bail Implemented In LA Due To Ongoing Criminal Activity: Know More Here

Zero Cash Bail Implemented In LA Due To Ongoing Criminal Activity: Know More Here

The zero-bail system, which replaces the traditional practice of determining defendants’ monetary bail amounts depending on the seriousness of their alleged crimes, went into effect in Los Angeles County on Sunday. The former practice of setting cash bail amounts appropriate to the seriousness of a crime was criticised for favouring the wealthy who could pay … Read more