Clay man killed in fatal stabbing after trying to kick out roommate, DA says

When a man from Clay, New York, tried to kick out his roommate got killed due to the fatal stabbing of a 32-year-old man during an argument. The man named Brady Tyo was living at 8370 Theodolite Drive in the Kimbrook Manor Apartments complex with his girlfriend and a roommate as reported by the deputies.

Suspect charged for alleged kidnapping, sexual assault of a woman at gunpoint in Normandy Park

According to Normandy Park Police, a man who was held in King County Jail for being accused for allegedly kidnapping a random woman at gunpoint and forced her to perform sex acts. This man is now held on bail of $925,000. This incident took place on October 23, around 6 p.m. when a woman was … Read more

Today is the last day to sign-up for free income program in Houston area

February 2, 2024 was the last day for people to sign up for the UPLIFT Harris program, a guaranteed income pilot program. This programs aims to provide nearly 1,900 low-income families and residents in Harris County $500/month for 18 months. This programs was administered by the Harris County Public Health. Who will get the money … Read more

Dem Gov Says Deporting Migrants Who Allegedly Beat Police Officers Should Be On The Table: REPORT

Two New York City cops were got beaten in Times Square by a group of illegal migrants as said by the Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul. Hochul also asked on Wednesday whether the alleged perpetrators should be deported. She also said that someone who commits any crime against a police officer in the state … Read more

19 Investigates: Cleveland man charged with shooting 10-year-old girl took an AR-15 to school in 2022

A man from Cleveland who took an AR-15 rifle to a high school in 2022 has been accused on charges of shooting a 10-year-old girl last fall. During the incident the girl’s mother was driving in Fairport Avenue in Cleveland’s Forest Hills neighborhood on October 14 and then a man named Jamar Hunter of age … Read more

Man arrested following child porn investigation in Jefferson County, Ill.

A man from Jefferson County sheriff has been arrested on Friday on charges of child pornography according to the investigation that began in December. The man named James M. Payne of age 39 years was arrested from his home situated at Providence Road in Scheller, Illinois on January 26 for the charges of child pornography … Read more

Suspect in Gilgo Beach killings to be charged with fourth count of murder

A man from New York who has been already charged with murders of three sex workers on Gilgo Beach, New York is also expected to be charged with fourth murder, according to a person with direct knowledge of the situation. On Tuesday, the new charges have been announced by Suffolk County Attorney Raymond Tierney when … Read more

Children living with mental health needs cheered by annual door competition

To boost the festive spirit of children living with mental health by an annual competition. This will be organised by Cygnet Joyce Parker Hospital situated on the Lansdowne Road in Coventry, is a state-of-the-art Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) hospital. The people who are supporting aged between 12 and 18 with mental health … Read more

Scientists destroy 99% of cancer cells with groundbreaking new method

A new study has been done by scientists at Rice University in Texas in which they revealed that a special form of molecule is found which would tear apart the membranes of cancer cells. This molecule is came to be known as aminocyanine molecules and is commonly used as synthetic dyes in medical imaging. The … Read more

Shooter killed self after shooting 3 and dead near North Carolina Homeless Camp, Police says

Autryville, which is about 55 miles south of Raleigh, the state capital whose deputies responded to a call that informed them about shooting incident in North Carolina on Sunday. Then they found 4 people dead at the place which is appeared to be a campsite for homeless people as informed by the authorities.Initially the deputies … Read more