New York’s Most Worst Small Towns in 2023

Hello fellow travelers! Today we embark on a journey through the New York countryside and explore the less glamorous side of the state. We uncover a list of New York’s worst small towns and look at the factors that make them a difficult place to live. We invite you to visit us to uncover the … Read more

Three People Arrested in Connection with String of Robberies

The Freedom Blazes football crew is a rising power in the Football Title Region (FCS). The Blazes contend in the Large South Meeting and have made the end-of-the-season games multiple times in the past nine seasons. In 2022, the Flares completed the standard season with a 9-2 record and brought home the Huge South Gathering … Read more

10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in NYC: A Guide for Staying Safe

New York City is a large and busy city where many people visit or live. However, New York, like other large cities, has some issues, one of which is crime. Even though overall crime in the city has recently decreased, some neighbourhoods continue to have higher crime rates than others. Hunts Point Hunts Point in … Read more

10 Worst Things About NYC Winters : Winter Woes

New York City, known for its tall buildings and lively culture, also faces a tough winter. Winters here are long, harsh, and pretty unforgiving. With lots of snow, over 40 inches on average, and temperatures dropping below freezing, the city turns into a snowy place that’s both pretty and tricky. The snowy streets might look … Read more

This New York Hospital Named As ‘Best In World’ And In USA

As the recent rankings released by U.S. News and World Report says Presbyterian Hospital in Columbia and Cornell has been ranked the top hospital in New York World for the year 2024. This hospital is affiliated with Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medicine and also ranked among the 10 top hospitals in the entire nation … Read more

US Cancer Patient’s Dying Wish Fulfills: Erases $16M in People’s Medical Debt

A lady from New York City who died of ovarian cancer earned enough money to pay off millions of dollars in medical obligations for others. Casey McIntyre, 38, begged fans to consider giving to her cause in a social media message she organised to be shared after her death. As a way of commemorating her … Read more

Tragedy Strikes: 72-Year-Old Woman Fatally Injured in Hit-and-Run Incident in Brooklyn

On Thursday, a 72-year-old lady was murdered by a hit-and-run vehicle in Brooklyn. Around 6 p.m., the collision occurred on Marine Avenue near 97th Street in Bay Ridge. Surveillance footage shows her crossing the street while pulling a cart when she gets hit. According to police, the woman died at the site. Anthony Cozzloino, a … Read more

Police Commissioner Resigns Amid Gilgo Beach Serial Killings Case

According to local media, a New York police commissioner who assisted in the prosecution of an alleged Long Island serial murderer unexpectedly declared his intention to leave on Thursday. According to ABC 7 New York, Rodney Harrison, the 54-year-old police commissioner of Suffolk County, indicated in an internal message that he will tell the county’s … Read more

Shannon O’Connor Trial: Mom Faces 63 Charges and Potential Life Sentence Despite 17-Year Plea Deal Offer

A Santa Clara County grand jury indicted 49-year-old O’Connor on 63 counts on Monday, October 30. The charges include child endangerment for serving alcohol to people who are not of legal age and for promoting and abetting sexual assault. According to the New York Post, 17 purported victims testified against O’Connor before the indictment was … Read more

A New York City Employee Was Killed In A Drive-By Shooting, Leaving Two More Injured: Know More Here

A New York City Employee Was Killed In A Drive-By Shooting, Leaving Two More Injured: Know More Here

According to state police, a city of Buffalo employee was murdered and two others were injured Thursday when the city pickup truck they were in was hit numerous times by gunfire from a passing vehicle. At 11:20 a.m., gunfire was reported in the southbound lanes of Interstate 190, approximately north of downtown Buffalo. State police … Read more