A Shadow Across the Moon: Crippled Peregrine Lander Set to Crash Today

The fantasy of a delicate re-visitation of the Moon transformed into a horrible Thursday, as the Peregrine lunar lander, disabled during its plunge, tears towards Earth on a crash course. Expected to crash in the distant South Pacific Sea sometime in the afternoon, the Peregrine conveys with it a freight of logical instruments and, sadly, … Read more

Peregrine Moon Lander’s Fiery Return: Historic Earth Reentry and Controlled Disintegration

In an anticipated celestial event, the Peregrine Moon lander is set to make a return journey to Earth, culminating in its fiery demise as it burns up in the planet’s atmosphere. Astrobotic, the Pittsburgh-based space robotics company behind the Peregrine lander, announced the planned mission that marks a significant milestone in lunar exploration. The Peregrine … Read more

Countdown to History: ULA’s Inaugural Vulcan Rocket Launch with Astrobotic’s Moon Lander Set for January 8″

As the aeronautic trade enthusiastically expects a great second, Joined Send off Partnership (ULA) is preparing for the lady trip of its profoundly expected Vulcan rocket. Planned for January 8, this noteworthy send off will stamp a critical step in the right direction for ULA, and it accompanies an extra payload of fervor — Astrobotic’s … Read more