Murphy Hokey Law

February 29, 2024

DOJ: Menendez connected Qatari royal with NJ businessman for profit

International clout has been used by U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez to help one of his friend in order to made him crack a multimillion-dollar deal with a Qatari investment fund. Federal prosecutors said on Tuesday in a revised indictment that this would partly by taking actions favorable to Qatar’s government. This new allegations would deepen […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘swatted’ while at home with family for Christmas

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) informed that she was “swatted” while at home in Georgia with her family for Christmas on Monday. When this false crime had been reported to authorities, police were sent to her residence on Christmas day. TWELVE DAYS OF WEX-MAS: IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY BECOMES 2024 LIGHTNING ROD Greene also wrote on X […]

House panel widens Harvard probe to include President Claudine Gay plagiarism charges

In order to find out the growing list of plagiarism charges against President Claudine Gay, House Republicans expanded their investigation into Harvard University. This raises concerns that the college is holding its students to a higher standard than its leadership. Harvard Corporation have been asked for documents and communications related to its independent review of […]

Hunter Biden Indicted on Tax Charges in California: A Deep Dive into the Latest Legal Woes

Tracker Biden, the child of President Joe Biden, has been prosecuted on nine includes of duty charges in California, denoting a huge heightening in his continuous legitimate difficulties. The prosecution comes as a disaster for the president and stokes the fire of political debate encompassing his loved ones. The Charges: The arraignment charges that Tracker […]

A last-minute rush to fund defense

Congress has passed a major defense policy bill after a bit of drama. Six men stranded at sea had been rescued by a Carnival cruise ship. House passes defense bill despite conservative grievances According to the National Defense Authorisation Act, congress had to pass a bill every year that includes a 5.2% pay raise for […]

Tracker Biden Prosecution: Duty Charges Reignite Political Flames

Tracker Biden, child of the ongoing US President, has been prosecuted on nine government charge charges in California, reigniting a political firestorm and creating a shaded area over the 2024 official political decision. The prosecution charges a four-year plan to dodge charges on large number of dollars procured through unfamiliar undertakings. The charges, documented by […]