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February 29, 2024

Main Characteristics Of Russian Foreign Policy — Deciphering the Nuances

Valery Garbuzov

Main Characteristics Of Russian Foreign Policy — Deciphering the Nuances Valery Garbuzov is the former head (recently dismissed because of his invective article against Russian Foreign Policy) of the Institute of the USA and Canada at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Unfortunately for Garbuzov, he was terminated just “two days” after publishing a scathing article […]

Unwavering Iran And Russia Alliance: Resilience In The Face Of Geopolitical Pressure


Iran And Russia Alliance Stand Firm In Their Military Collaboration Amidst growing geopolitical tensions; Iran And Russia Alliance stand firm in their military collaboration. Moreover, the unswerving Iran and Russia Alliance in terms of military facet—signals an unyielding confederation; defying external pressure ushered in by the US. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov affirmed that […]

Russia Ukraine War Offensive: Russia’s Eastern Ukraine Offensive Looms Amidst Tactical Reshuffle

Ukrainian Defense Forces

Russia Ukraine War Offensive: A Recalibration Of Forces! In Eastern Ukraine, there are emerging signs of—a potentially imminent escalation of the Russia Ukraine War Offensive. Exacerbating the conflict— Russia Ukraine War Offensive—Russia appears to be realigning its military forces under the shadow of; a regrouping strategy. The Kyiv military leader; Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrskyi has sounded […]

Russian Economy 2023: Balancing War Efforts, Sanctions, And China’s Strategic Aid

Russia China

Russian Economy 2023: Downtrend Looming A delicate balance is being struck between the Kremlin’s escalating defense expenditures. The surging expenditures of the Kremlin could take an undue toll on the Russian Economy 2023. Amidst the tumultuous backdrop of Russia’s re-election bid. The war in Ukraine against  Russia and the growing shadow of international sanctions imputed to the contingent challenge […]

Surging Tension Between Us And Russia: America Targets Companies Tied To Alleged North Korean Arms Deals Assisting Russia 

Mounting Tension Between US And Russia As America Imposed Sanctions On Three Companies The United States has imposed sanctions on three companies… adding fire to the existing tension between US and Russia. These firms are linked to a Slovakian national—Ashot Mkrtychev. The sanctioning aims to: curtail the alleged arms transactions between “North Korea and Russia” […]

Navigating Western Businesses Still In Russia Amidst Geopolitical Tensions

FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: A view shows a McDonald's restaurant in Moscow, Russia

Western Businesses Still In Russia Continue Operation Despite Undergoing Economic Overhaul Amidst the geopolitical storm stirred by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the corporate activities of Western businesses still in Russia have come under scrutiny. An overhaul for their economic implications. While some Western businesses still in Russia, like McDonald’s and Tunnock’s, have severed their ties […]