Man gets life for kidnapping and killing 4-year-old girl in 1986

A 63-year-old man named McDowell from Lexington County will be going to spend his whole life in prison due to charges of killing young daughter of his ex-girlfriend named Jessica Gutierrez of 4 years of age nearly 37 years ago in 1986. As the report says, on morning of June 6, 1986, Jessica’s mother woke … Read more

Manhunt Intensifies After Fatal Tennessee Deputy Shooting

A manhunt is in progress in Tennessee following the lethal shooting of Representative Matthew Locke on Friday night. The episode happened during a traffic stop in Williamson Region, south of Nashville, leaving the local area shaken and requesting replies. Subtleties stay scant, as specialists focus on securing the suspect, distinguished as 22-year-old Ezekiel Kelly. Nonetheless, … Read more

Body of famed Tennessee sheriff’s wife exhumed 57 years after her cold case murder

Body of wife of a former farmed Tennessee sheriff has been extracted from ground through authorities after more than a half-century when she was fatally shot in a still-unsolved killing. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation had extracted the body of Pauline Pusser, wife of McNairy County Sheriff Buford Pusser on Thursday at Adamsville Cemetery. She … Read more

19 Investigates: Cleveland man charged with shooting 10-year-old girl took an AR-15 to school in 2022

A man from Cleveland who took an AR-15 rifle to a high school in 2022 has been accused on charges of shooting a 10-year-old girl last fall. During the incident the girl’s mother was driving in Fairport Avenue in Cleveland’s Forest Hills neighborhood on October 14 and then a man named Jamar Hunter of age … Read more

2 escaped Arkansas inmates, including murder suspect, still missing after 4 days

As said by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, two inmates including a murder suspect have been escaped from an Arkansas jail last weekend are still on the run. From the Jefferson County Jail which is also known as the W.C. “Dub” Brassell Adult Detention Center, Noah Roush of age 22 and Jatonia Bryan … Read more

Potential robbery turns deadly, three shot on Professional Drive

City’s first homicide of the year is being investigated by the police in Wichita Falls and according to the reports, the man named Quincy Moore of age 32 years who died was the one who tried to rob the person who shot him. This shooting incident occurred at the County Park apartments and the man … Read more

Officer In Denver Enters A Guilty Plea For Shooting At A Suspect While Injuring Six Bystanders

Officer In Denver Enters A Guilty Plea For Shooting At A Suspect While Injuring Six Bystanders

In a gunshot that left six spectators in the crowd wounded, a Denver police officer entered a guilty plea on Tuesday. The incident occurred as bars were opening, and the victims were still suffering. The 30-year-old Brandon Ramos did not say anything in court other than to admit that he was aware of his rights … Read more

Tragedy Unfolds: Deadly Shooting Rocks UNLV Campus

On Wednesday, December 7, 2023, a horrendous shooting happened on the grounds of the College of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), leaving three individuals dead and one harmed. The occurrence occurred close to Radiate Lobby, home to the college’s Lee Business College, sending shockwaves through the whole Las Vegas people group. The Shooting Unfurls As indicated … Read more

For using gun to strike a woman, Ryan Fournier students for Trump founder

In North Carolina last week, the co-founder of Students for Trump named Ryan Fournier got arrested for the accusations on striking a woman in the hand with a handgun. Ryan co-founded the youth political group during former President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. At that time he was a student at Campbell University.Ryan whose age … Read more

Maryland roommates claimed that police gunpointed them and shot their dog for no reason

In Maryland, roommates claimed that three police officers had entered illegally into their apartment and detained them by pointing a gun without any justification and unnecessarily shot their pet dog named Hennessey which was left paralyzed and after sometime got euthanized. As the lawsuit reported they seeks at least $16 million for the damages that … Read more