Meet the Crew: NASA Unveils SpaceX Crew-9 Astronauts for ISS Mission

NASA has authoritatively reported the team for SpaceX’s impending Group 9 mission to the Worldwide Space Station (ISS), planned to send off no sooner than August 2024. This worldwide group of four space explorers will set out on a six-month mission, directing fundamental examination and adding to the continuous human presence in the low Earth … Read more

SpaceX Goes Double Duty: Two Rockets Launch 114 Starlink Satellites

In a stunning showcase of spacefaring ability, SpaceX pulled off a “doubleheader” send-off on January 25th and 26th, 2024, sending two Hawk 9 rockets thundering upward inside a simple 8.5 hours of one another. This noteworthy accomplishment saw a sum of 114 Starlink satellites sent, further extending the organization’s web heavenly body that plans to … Read more

Satellites reveal 75% of world’s industrial fishing vessels are ‘hidden’

Previously unmapped global fishing vessels have been detected by the Earth-observing satellites which reveals 75% of industrial activity at sea which was hidden from the public view. Regarding this vessel GPS data and machine learning software, a team led by the Global Fishing Watch has created the first world map of large vessel traffic and … Read more

Starship Readies for Third Orbital Flight: A Giant Leap for Mankind?

Clutch your spacesuits, space fans, because SpaceX’s huge Starship is ready for its third orbital flight, and this one vows to be a unique advantage. Planned for at some point in January 2024, the mission expects to move the completely stacked behemoth (counting the Weighty promoter) into space interestingly, denoting a stupendous step towards Elon … Read more

Blue Origin Bounces Back: New Shepard Makes Triumphant Return to Flight

Following an almost 16-month break because of a bombed motor test and ensuing supporter crash, Blue Beginning’s suborbital New Shepard rocket took off once again up high on Tuesday, December 19, denoting a significant second for the organization. The effective mission, named NS-24, makes ready for future space travel industry flights and revives public interest … Read more

Starship’s 3rd Flight: Poised to Touch the Edge of Space Again

Elon Musk’s Starship, a behemoth rocket intended to ship people to Mars and upset space travel, is indeed firing up its motors for another thinking for even a second to flight. This third dry run, scheduled for shortly, denotes a vital stage towards its definitive objective of interplanetary travel, and the space local area is … Read more

Blue Origin Blasts Back: New Shepard Lifts Off After 15-Month Grounding

A deep breath of help reverberated through the space business on December 18, 2023, as Blue Beginning’s New Shepard rocket effectively roared into the Texas sky. This victorious return denoted a critical achievement for the confidential spaceflight organization, at long last continuing tasks following a 15-month break brought about by an impetus framework peculiarity during … Read more

SpaceX Falcon Heavy Gears Up to Launch the Enigmatic X-37B Space Plane on December 28th!

Space lovers, prepare for a divine display! The eagerly awaited send-off of the SpaceX Hawk Weighty rocket, conveying the confounding X-37B space plane, is presently focused on December 28th, 2023. With a four-hour send-off window opening at 7 p.m. ET, this mission guarantees a stunning presentation of rocket power and a brief look into the … Read more

Cellular Revolution: SpaceX Launches First ‘Direct to Cell’ Starlink Satellites

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has taken a goliath jump towards its vision of worldwide web inclusion by sending off the primary group of Starlink satellites furnished with lasers explicitly intended to radiate web straightforwardly to cell phones. This earth-shattering innovation, named “Direct to Cell,” could change availability in provincial regions and underserved districts, spanning the computerized … Read more