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February 29, 2024

Social Security update: Direct payment worth $914 arrives in 20 days

Millions of recipients of Supplemental Security Income will receive the first of two December SSI payments in just three weeks from Social Security Administration with payments of worth $914 for individual filers. This payment will be paid in two installments, first on Friday, December 1,2023 and second towards the end of the month on December […]

Stimulus Checks November 2023: Who Will Be Getting Extra Payments Next Month?

After delayed payment of stimulus check September 2023, nine out of twenty states of America have decided to organise a fourth round of stimulus check in November 2023. They have already initiated the distribution of stimulus check payments through Economic Impact Payments(EIP) program to the citizens who are eligible to receive these payments. The eligibility […]

Unemployment Benefits Delayed: What to do in case you haven’t got your benefits?

In March 2020, during covid-19 pandemic 95% of US citizens received unemployment benefits within 14 days and this percentage dropped down to 45%  in June 2020. As of February 28, 2022 U.S. department of labor’s employment and Training facilities provided data that indicates 45% of 350,950 unemployed citizens whose claims are being processed do not […]

Arizona’s Economic Lifeline: Everything You Need to Know About Stimulus Checks

Arizona's Economic Lifeline: Everything You Need to Know About Stimulus Checks

Arizona is one of the few states still conducting a Stimulus check. The nature of this however varies from time to time. This is a surprise as most other states have already wrapped up these relief programs. The Arizona Freedom Caucus drove hard negotiations. A stimulus check has been followed by many governments for the […]

4th Stimulus Checks 2023: Santa Clara’s Innovative Guaranteed Income Initiative Expands

4th Stimulus Checks 2023

4th Stimulus Checks 2023: Provision of Recurring Monthly Payments Of “$1,200” To Qualified Payees Amidst the mercurial terrain of economic support… Santa Clara, California takes a “pioneering step” with a multi-phase guaranteed income program (commonly known as 4th Stimulus Checks 2023) set to commence this August of the same year. Anchored in a $4 million […]