Murphy Hokey Law

February 29, 2024

Get Ready for February 2024: Potential Stimulus Checks and Additional Payments

Stimulus Check Delays Leave Many Americans Waiting Income-Based Eligibility Criteria Determine Stimulus Disbursement According to MARCA, many people across the country got a boost in money from the government called a stimulus checks. But reports say that over 600,000 eligible taxpayers still haven’t received their $1,400 check from a big plan by Congress. This plan […]

Stimulus Checks November 2023: Who Will Be Getting Extra Payments Next Month?

After delayed payment of stimulus check September 2023, nine out of twenty states of America have decided to organise a fourth round of stimulus check in November 2023. They have already initiated the distribution of stimulus check payments through Economic Impact Payments(EIP) program to the citizens who are eligible to receive these payments. The eligibility […]

Stimulus Checks are targeted by Scammers: Beware!

Stimulus Checks are targeted by Scammers: Beware!

Scammers are coming up with cunning ways to trick people, and that’s stimulus checks are targeted by scammers. US people frequently receive stimulus checks, primarily because, according to Investopedia, these are payments made by the government to the nation’s taxpayers. That is why the stimulus checks are targeted by scammers these days. Stimulus Checks are […]