US Airstrikes in Iraq: Response to Militia Attacks Raises Tensions

Raising Pressures: The new US airstrikes in Iraq, focusing on offices utilized by Iranian-upheld local armies, have additionally aggravated strains in the district. This comes after a progression of assaults on US faculty and offices in Iraq and Syria. A Pattern of Assaults: The airstrikes, approved by President Biden, were an immediate reaction to rocket … Read more

US-UK Airstrikes in Yemen Spark Controversy

The new US-UK airstrikes in Yemen on January 11 have lighted a firestorm of debate, drawing analysis from compassionate gatherings, basic freedoms promoters, and, surprisingly, a few inside the US government. The strikes focused on Houthi rebels who had gone after transportation in the Red Ocean, have raised worries about nonmilitary personnel losses and the … Read more