Murphy Hokey Law

February 23, 2024

G7 Price Cap On Russian Oil: How Does It Affect Russia’s Economy Amidst Sanctions?

Russian Oil

G7 Price Cap On Russian Oil: What Are the Economic Corollaries That Russia Is Experiencing? Amidst the “ongoing conflict” between Russia and Ukraine… multifarious nations have witnessed the “declining value” of the Russian ruble. For good measure, the “value depreciation” of the Russian ruble can be attributed to the repercussions of sanctions (including the G7 […]

Ambassador Lynne Tracy: Diplomatic Efforts Intensify For Release Of Jailed Journalist Evan Gershkovich Amidst Heightened US-Russia Tensions

Ambassador Lynne Tracy

Ambassador Lynne Tracy Further Emphasized The Urgency Of Gershkovich’s Release In a poignant display of concern (for imprisoned journalist Evan Gershkovich) United States Ambassador Lynne Tracy; embarked on her third visit to Russia. Ambassador Lynne Tracy traversed to Russia aiming to: visit the Wall Street Journal reporter [Paul Whelan]. Furthermore, Ambassador Lynne Tracy emphasized the […]