Iowa Republicans Unfazed By Trump Comparisons to Hitler

Donald Trump doubled down his controversial immigration rhetoric during a campaign speech in Waterloo, Iowa on Tuesday night. He also said that the immigrants who had entered U.S. illegally are “destroying the blood of our country” but he never read Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” manifesto.But the republicans in the Hawkeye State had been seen mostly unconcerned … Read more

United Nations US Representative at UNESCO: Biden’s Pick, Courtney O’Donnell


United Nations US Representative to UNESCO: Courtney O’Donnell—Is Her Credentials Enough? In a pivotal move by President Biden “signaling the United States’ re-engagement” with—global education; science, and culture initiatives…  he [Pres Biden] has selected Courtney O’Donnell as the “permanent” United Nations US Representative to UNESCO. Courtney O’Donnell’s background (Biden’s pick as United Nations US Representative): … Read more