US-UK Airstrikes in Yemen Spark Controversy

The new US-UK airstrikes in Yemen on January 11 have lighted a firestorm of debate, drawing analysis from compassionate gatherings, basic freedoms promoters, and, surprisingly, a few inside the US government. The strikes focused on Houthi rebels who had gone after transportation in the Red Ocean, have raised worries about nonmilitary personnel losses and the … Read more

Moayad Hameidi’s killers were arrested by Yemeni police

Moayad Hameidi's killers were arrested by Yemeni police

A World Food Program Official, Moayad Hameidi, was killed in Turbah in the Taiz governorate. Moayad Hameidi’s killers were arrested. In a 24-hour span, Yemeni authorities detained close to 21 people. Senior World Food Program Official Died On Friday, Moayad Hameidi was shot by two gunmen in Turbah. Hameidi rushed to the hospital, but he … Read more