Teen From Nebraska Is Charged With Killing Her Child And Putting The Body In A Dog Food Bag: Know More Here

A 16-year-old Nebraskan woman is charged with killing her newborn by cutting its throat and placing the corpse into an empty dog food bag.

As per the court papers that the Star Herald was able to get, the teenage mother who wishes to remain anonymous was accused of first-degree murder and using a dangerous weapon.

Teen From Nebraska Is Charged With Killing Her Child And Putting The Body In A Dog Food Bag: Know More Here

Authorities said that on November 6, they received a call to the girl’s Gordon, Nebraska, home from someone reporting that a teen had given birth and the baby wasn’t breathing.

According to the affidavit, which the Star Herald was able to get, the teen’s father welcomed the responders and asserted that the kid had been stillborn.

According to the affidavit, when police arrived at the family’s residence, they saw the girl’s mother covering the infant’s body with a towel and she informed them that her daughter had injured the child.

Police found that the baby had been stabbed multiple times on the left side of the chest and that the windpipe had been sliced through in the baby’s throat when they investigated the lifeless body. When the EMS personnel arrived, they assumed custody of the youngster.

An hour before the event, the teenager had gone into the kitchen and opened a drawer that held a boning knife, according to a statement from the girl’s parents that the local station was able to obtain.

The parents and the officer searched the kitchen and found the knife missing, even though neither of them saw her take it out.

Later, the adolescent told her mother that she had a heavy period and that she needed to buy sanitary supplies from a store.

Blood coated the walls as the family dog barged into the teen’s bedroom a few moments later.

The 16-year-old’s parents confronted their daughter after she got home from her errands.

According to the mother, the girl acknowledged killing the infant. After the mother called her husband, he discovered the baby, which had been dumped in an empty dog food bag inside the girl’s wardrobe.

The girl appeared in Sheridan County Court and was charged. According to court documents, she has been assigned an attorney and is being held without bond.

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