Teen Stabbed in Times Square: Several Arrested After Dispute with Tour Bus Worker

An argument in Times Square between a double-decker tour bus staffer and a group of teens resulted in one person being stabbed and five people being detained Thursday night.

A 15-year-old man received a knife wound to the neck at 8:45 p.m., according to police.

According to witnesses, the suspect is a double decker tour bus driver, however a buddy of that individual claims he was acting in self-defense.

On the scene, a buddy of that employee informed Eyewitness News reporter CeFaan Kim that a bunch of kids were harassing and surrounding him.

That’s when the friend claims the tour bus driver stabbed one of the youngsters with a little knife.

“He’s been out here selling tickets for about 14, 15 hours.” “He’s standing, minding his own business,” replied the companion. “Then one of them bumps into him and grabs his jacket.” He believes he has no idea what is going on.”

Four teenage lads were apprehended shortly later by police. The tour bus driver was also apprehended.

The victim, a 15-year-old boy, was brought to Bellevue Hospital and is likely to live.

It’s unclear who will face what charges.

The probe is still going on.

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