Tenant Accused Of Murdering Washington State Chiropractor And Her Husband: Know More Here

Officials speculate that a renter who was set to be evicted may have slain a well-known chiropractor in Washington state and her spouse.

As of at least November 13, Karen Koep and her spouse Davido have not been seen or heard from, according to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office.

Tenant Accused Of Murdering Washington State Chiropractor And Her Husband: Know More Here

According to FOX 13, deputies investigating a welfare check at the couple’s Lacey, Washington, residence allegedly discovered two sizable pools of blood, leading them to believe that someone had been slain.

Deputies allegedly discovered evidence indicating the victims’ bodies were dragged into the garage, and there was a strong bleach odour throughout the house.

Timothy Burke, 45, is purportedly the landlord of Davido, according to FOX 13.

According to court records, Davido’s half-filed eviction notice for Burke was discovered inside the home. Burke had phoned 911 at his home several times in the past, according to the prosecution, and he has mental health issues.

According to the docs, Burke was seen using Davido’s debit card on surveillance footage.

After Burke was first taken into custody for identity theft, deputies discovered a pistol on him. The court filings claim that there was a match between the ammunition found in the gun and the ones used in the murder.

Burke was discovered by authorities hiding off a trail and taken into custody.

Koep’s sister Pauline Dutton stated that she thinks Burke is the reason for the eviction.

“I just hope that, you know, all of it has been resolved. I just still keep thinking, gosh, is there more to this that we don’t know about? I hope that Tim Burke was the only one involved,” Dutton said.

The Olympian reports that although Thurston Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Jennifer Lord stated at a Monday court hearing that a murder charge is appropriate, Burke has not yet been formally charged.

“It’s the state’s perspective, based on the quantities of blood and the opinions of the professionals involved in the determination of facts and evidence in this case, that murder is the appropriate charge rather than assault,” Lord said.

Probable cause was determined for two charges of first-degree murder, and Judge John C. Skinder placed both cases under a no-bail order on Monday.


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