Tenants In Illinois Apartments Claimed That When The Building Was Boarded Up, They Were Stuck Inside

Residents of an apartment complex in Harvey, Illinois were reportedly confined inside their apartments after their windows and doors were nailed shut.

Tenants In Illinois Apartments Claimed That When The Building Was Boarded Up, They Were Stuck Inside

Several people expressed concerns after videos of several tenants of the apartment complex on S. Halsted Street became viral on social media, according to a report from Chicago’s FOX 32.

Rudolph Williams, a resident, claimed he was stuck inside one of the apartments and that, just before the door was boarded shut on Friday morning, he “didn’t hear anybody knock on the door.”

Images of the over thirty units that are currently boarded up reveal non-occupancy orders.

At least five families were still living in their flats with their possessions, according to residents of the development who spoke with the station.

“Contrary to recent claims, the city did not evict anyone from these properties but has communicated with the property owners regarding the unsafe conditions of the buildings and need to immediately rectify the dangerous living conditions,” city officials said in a post on Facebook.

Numerous images of the apartment complex that highlight the terrible living conditions and serious structural issues were shared on social media by the City of Harvey.

Photographs include mountains of trash left on the property grounds, overflowing dumpsters, stairwells with personal goods stowed inside, rusted out holes in the stairs leading to the second level, and shattered concrete.

The City of Harvey initiated a thorough inquiry into the property in October 2023 and held discussions about structural problems and collapsing stair risers with the property owners, Jay Patel and Henry Cho.

The city also spoke about the multiple 911 calls it received regarding illegal activities occurring on the property.

After a meeting two months ago, the city suggested that the property owners employ a structural engineer to evaluate the damages. The property owners were advised to install temporary structures to block the stairs by the city’s building department, which also gave them a two-week window to engage the contractor.

The city said that while construction was taking place, it also made sure the owners understood how important it was for them to leave the building for safety concerns. The owners were given until the end of October to find other places to live.

According to the statement by city officials, the building’s structural integrity had exceeded its expected life, and the owners were informed that they needed to evacuate the building by October 28.

“The responsibility to communicate this information to tenants was also emphasized,” the city said.

After the property was subjected to several evaluations between October 28 and December 14, the city’s building department concluded that two of the buildings presented a “imminent safety risk,” primarily due to the degradation of the staircases and balconies.

The property owners then boarded up both properties on Friday, the city continued, while city police performed wellness checks and inspections.

Mayor Christopher J. Clark was contacted by Fox News Digital for comment, but no response was received right away.

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