Tennessee Bill Set to Boost Businesses with Record Tax Refunds

Tennessee Bill Senate Proposes Tax Refunds for Businesses

Potential Impact on Tennessee‘s Business Landscape

According to FOX17, there’s Tennessee bill in the Senate that might give back money to lots of businesses. Tennessee bill wants to cancel a tax that businesses pay on their property because some courts say it’s not fair. Right now businesses in Tennessee pay a tax based on how much they’re worth or the value of their property in the state. But Tennessee bill wants to change that.

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Tennessee Bill Set to Boost Businesses with Record Tax Refunds. (PHOTO: The Tennessean)

Refunds for Overpaid Taxes Could Total $1.6 Billion

Tennessee bill also says that businesses who paid too much in taxes before could get their money back. The government thinks this could cost up to $1.6 billion. Some people wonder why give money back to businesses that might not really need it. But others say it’s important to avoid getting sued and to keep the state’s finances safe. Tennessee bill could change things a lot for Tennessee and how businesses see it.

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