Texas Lady Sentenced To Prison For 75 Years: Know More Here

A Wylie, Texas, lady will spend the next 75 years in prison after being found guilty of the sadistic torture of a young woman, which included having boiling water poured on her, food restriction, no communication with the outside world, and no access to medical care.

Alicia Calderon, 37, was sentenced to 75 years in prison on Tuesday for first-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon causing significant bodily injury to a household member, according to Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis.

Texas Lady Sentenced To Prison For 75 Years: Know More Here

“Calderon tricked the victim into living with her, and then controlled her with unthinkable torture,” Willis said. “She severely burned the victim’s arms, chest, and back by pouring a pot of boiling water on her. She also deprived her of food, locked her in a dog crate, and cut off her communication to the outside world.”

Calderon struck a deal with the 24-year-old victim in 2019 to enable her to live in her family’s Wylie caravan for free in exchange for keeping the house clean, caring for Calderon’s children and caring for a crippled older woman.

The deal initially functioned well, but the situation deteriorated after many months, according to the DA’s office.

Calderon began by removing the victim’s cell phone, then restricted her food and travels in and out of the house.

Calderon also started locking the young woman in the room with the elderly individual, whose health was rapidly deteriorating. The victim quickly dropped half her body weight and was unable to care for the elderly woman.

The child was put inside a dog kennel and had boiling water thrown on her legs after Calderon spotted her smuggling food from the house in July 2021, according to the DA’s office.

Later that year, after an altercation, Calderon dumped a pot of boiling water on the victim, severely burning her arms, chest, and back. She also refused to allow the victim to get medical attention for his burns.

On February 1, 2022, a resident of the house permitted the victim to use his phone, and the girl posted a Facebook message to her stepfather appealing for help since she was imprisoned in a room.

The stepfather dialled 911 and arrived at the caravan. According to the DA’s office, this was the victim’s first conversation with either of her parents in several years.

When deputies came, they had to lift stones heaped in front of the entrance in order for the victim to leave. When she emerged, she weighed 68 pounds, had her head shaved, and was coated with second-and third-degree burns.

The elderly woman in the room was in such horrible shape that authorities assumed she had died.

The victim’s burn doctor testified during Calderon’s trial that the victim required many surgeries, including skin grafts, to heal from the serious burns. She was hospitalised for six weeks to recover from her injuries and malnourishment.

During the trial, the victim also testified, claiming that she is still suffering from the trauma and nerve damage that never healed.

Calderon was found guilty by a jury of first-degree aggravated assault with a deadly weapon resulting in serious bodily injury to a household member.

Prosecutors disclosed to the judge during the sentencing hearing that Calderon wasted $78,000 of the elderly woman’s freshly received bequest within three months. For years, she had also cashed the old woman’s social security checks.

The funds were spent on items such as a party rental company, vehicle rims, and tattoos.

“We hope and pray this jury’s sentence will allow the victim to further heal from all the deep physical and emotional wounds inflicted by this defendant,” Willis said.

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