Texas Man Accused Of Delivering Deadly Fentanyl Tablets Via Uber: Know More Here

An alleged drug dealer was detained by Texas authorities and subsequently charged with murder after he allegedly “used an unsuspecting Uber delivery driver” to distribute fentanyl.

Texas Man Accused Of Delivering Deadly Fentanyl Tablets Via Uber: Know More Here

Kennedy Kirby, 30, a resident of Garland, was first accused of producing and distributing a controlled substance, according to the Wylie Police Department. He was formally charged with murder on Thursday.

Authorities clarified in a Facebook post that the allegations were related to the overdose death of Jacob Bowers on January 11. Authorities charged Kirby with murder after receiving a toxicology report from Bowers.

“Through investigative techniques, detectives were able to determine that Kirby used an unsuspecting Uber delivery driver to deliver a package containing fentanyl to Bowers,” Wylie police said in a statement.

On February 6, when officials detained Kirby at an apartment, they found thousands of fentanyl-containing tablets.

The police discovered “22.3 grams of ‘raw fentanyl’, 1,436 M30 Fentanyl pills [and] 1,054.50 V/2090 Xanax Fentanyl pills.”

In addition, the press release stated that officers found “multiple items of drug paraphernalia consistent with packaging and delivering of illegal narcotics, electronics, handgun, and cash” during the operation.

“Fentanyl is a growing problem in our country,” police chief Anthony Henderson said in a statement. “The Wylie Police Department will thoroughly investigate all cases of overdose and hold those persons responsible for placing fentanyl in our community.”

Kirby was taken to the Collin County Detention Facility following his apprehension, and he is still there.

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