Texas Man Currently Being Held In McLennan County Jail After Perpetrating A Gruesome Stabbing

Texas Man Immured After Horrendously Stabbing His Wife

Trey Calvin Williams
Trey Calvin Williams Seized After Stabbing (Photo: Law and Crime)

Shortly after receiving a 911 call reporting an adult female suffering from multiple stab wounds, the Moody Police Department responded and seized a 47-year-old Texas man named Calvin Williams who happened to be the crime suspect.

At about 8:30 p.m. on the 12th of July, the Texas man –Trey–was discharged from the Moody Hospital on Friday. The Texas man was charged with one count of infuriated assault of a family member– surprisingly his wife–with a sharp knife and reportedly stabbed his wife almost 12 times in series, tried to scoop her eyes out, and put a cigarette out on her forehead. Read the full story at Law and Crime.

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At the time when the first responders arrived on the scene, they discovered a bloodied Texas man wearing “saturated in blood” clothing, making “imperceptible utterances” while the Texas man was brandishing a bloody knife.

According to the report, the wife of the Texas man had 11 stab wounds to her stomach, head, hands, and arms that were brutally inflicted by the Texas man himself. Eventually, she was rushed to the nearest infirmary in Moody, Texas.

Texas Man Tried To Commit Suicide

Subjugated by his frustrations, the Texas man,  refused to drop his knife and placed the handle against the ground trying to commit suicide. As per Shreeja Das , the horrifying trial came to an end after a 13-minute standoff with the police, during which the Texas man turned the knife on himself.  The putative reason for the crime was several weeks of continuous fighting against his wife. Currently, the Texas man is being incarcerated in McLennan County Jail waiting for further court trial.


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