Texas Man Shot To Death After Killing His Father, Robbing 2 Cars, And Chasing A School Police Officer

After shooting at a school officer and having him return fire, the Texas guy, who was suspected of killing his father before trying to infiltrate an elementary school, carjacking two cars, and pursuing the officer, is dead.

Texas Man Shot To Death After Killing His Father, Robbing 2 Cars, And Chasing A School Police Officer

Chief Troy Finner of the Houston Police Department informed reporters on Thursday that at approximately 7:10 a.m., police were called to a residence on Mona Lee Lane in response to reports of gunfire.

Police were notified by a mother that her kid had gotten into a fight with his father after returning home. The woman heard a shot a short while later, ran outside, and phoned the police.

The father was found by the responding officers, who declared him dead on the spot.

The man’s son, who the police only knew to be roughly thirty years old, rushed from the residence to Buffalo Creek Elementary School.

Spring Branch ISD police received a tip regarding a suspect trying to enter cars at the school at around 7:20 a.m. Before robbing a car, the guy fled as one of the cops attempted to stop him.

The suspect was being chased by the officer when he sideswiped two cars, one of which was a school bus. At one point, the suspect exited the automobile and stole a different one.

After coming to a dead end on Campbell Road, he exited the stolen car and continued to run until he was cornered at Houston Crane, Inc.

The suspect turned and shot one shot at the officer, according to the Spring Branch ISD Police. The suspect was shot several times by the officer when he returned fire.

The officer was unharmed, and the subject was declared dead at the scene.

According to FOX 26 Houston, the Spring Branch ISD police claimed that while the incident is still being looked into, the suspect may have once tried to infiltrate the elementary school.

“The suspect was unable to enter the building as all doors were locked following SBISD safety protocols,” the district said in a release.

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