Texas Opioid Crisis Response Act: Walmart Settles for $168 Million with Attorney General Over National Opioid Crisis, Calls on Local Participation to Access Abatement Funds

The Office of the Attorney General of Texas has achieved a monumental breakthrough in the fight against the nationwide issue related to the Opioid Crisis Response Act, finalizing a historic $168 million settlement with retail giant Walmart.

Attorney General’s Opioid Crisis Response Act Yields Historic Settlement with Walmart

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The agreement comes as a response to the company’s alleged negligent practices that have contributed to the escalating opioid epidemic plaguing the nation. In an effort to combat the devastating impact of opioids on Texas communities, the settlement also calls for the Opioid Crisis Response Act local areas, including governments and county bodies affected by the crisis, to sign on and actively participate in receiving vital opioid abatement funds. Under the Texas Opioid Crisis Response Act, the Attorney General has taken decisive action to hold Walmart accountable for its role in exacerbating the opioid epidemic. The settlement addresses key claims raised in the lawsuit and includes critical injunctive relief provisions related to opioid marketing, sales, and dispensing practices. Through securing this landmark settlement, the OAG sends a clear message to the pharmaceutical industry about the Opioid Crisis Response Act and the imperative of taking responsibility for its contributions to the suffering, addiction, and loss of lives associated with the opioid crisis.

Texas Communities Urged to Join Opioid Crisis Response Act for Essential Abatement Funding

Walmart Held Accountable for Role in National Epidemic (PHOTO: Time)

Local governments and county authorities within the state of Texas are encouraged to swiftly join the settlement to ensure that their communities can benefit from the Opioid Crisis Response Act and the funds allocated for opioid abatement efforts. Through this collective effort and the Opioid Crisis Response Act, the Texas Opioid Council will provide direct payments and grants to support initiatives aimed at combating the opioid crisis at the local level. With a looming deadline of July 31 for participation, the Texas Opioid Crisis Response Act seeks to bolster community-based initiatives and bring a glimmer of hope to those battling addiction and its devastating consequences across the state.

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