Texas: Over $1 Million Contributed By The Soros Organization To A Group That Had Previously Bailed Out A Suspect In Horrific Murders

The liberal billionaire George Soros’s organisation gave the left-wing organisation that had previously bailed out the man accused of killing multiple people in Texas, including his parents, more than $1.2 million.

Texas: Over $1 Million Contributed By The Soros Organization To A Group That Had Previously Bailed Out A Suspect In Horrific Murders

The 34-year-old Shane James is charged with six counts of murder and several injuries in Austin and Bexar County. From February 2013 to August 2015, James was an infantry officer in the United States Army. He is accused of multiple charges of capital murder.

According to Fox San Antonio, James was accused of serious violence against his mother, father, and sister in January 2022. According to his bail records, the Texas Organising Project, a progressive NGO that supported the election of county sheriff Javier Salazar and district attorney Joe Gonzales of Bexar County, brokered his bond.

Before saving James, the Texas Organising Project received large funds from Soros’ nonprofit.

“The Texas Organizing Project, like its major donor, Mr. Soros, thinks that our justice system is an arbitrary social construct that can be torn down and reshaped however they see fit with no consequences,” the Capital Research Center’s Parker Thayer told Fox News Digital. “There are always consequences, and this time, six people lost their lives because a billionaire wanted to feel morally superior by funding activists with too many college degrees and not enough common sense.”

In 2019, the Texas Organising Project received $700,000 for organisational help from the Open Society Policy Centre, an advocacy nonprofit inside the network of Open Society Foundations, which is funded by Soros.

The group received $565,000 later in 2021 from the policy centre to “support policy advocacy on democracy reform and government accountability in Texas,” as listed in the grant database.

In all of those years, a substantial portion of the group’s stated funds came from Soros’s funding. The Texas Organising Project received $2.3 million in donations in 2019, according to its tax papers; therefore, the $700,000 from the Soros NGO represented around 30% of the organization’s total revenue for that year. Furthermore, the Texas Organising Project was awarded $2.4 million in 2021, with approximately a quarter of that amount coming from the Soros investment.

“The violence earlier this week in Texas is horrific and tragic,” an Open Society spokesperson told Fox News Digital. “We share the sentiments expressed in the Texas Organizing Project’s statement and support the decision to review its programs.”

The Texas Organising Project released a lengthy statement in the wake of the horrific killings expressing its “deep sadness and distress over the tragic events.”

“Texas Organizing Project (TOP) is profoundly saddened and deeply troubled by the recent tragic events involving Shane James,” the group said. “We condemn his most recent egregious acts, full stop. Our heartfelt condolences go out to the victims and their families during this incredibly difficult time.”

“Through our justice program, we bailed out James in coordination with the Bexar County’s public defender’s office, nearly two years ago in February 2022 on misdemeanour charges where his bond fees totalled $300,” it continued. “The events that have unfolded are devastating, and we recognize the pain and suffering this incident has caused. We take our responsibilities seriously and acknowledge that we must address both the immediate impact of this tragedy and the broader implications for our bail program.”

In the course of the two hours-long shooting rampage on Tuesday, James killed six people—four of them were his parents. Three more people, including two police officers, were hurt by him as well.

A Fox News Digital request for an explanation regarding the Soros funding was not immediately answered by the Texas Organising Project.

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