Texas Takes a Stand: Resigns from the Electronic Registration Information Center

On the previous Thursday, Texas solidifies its stance by officially leaving the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), ending its association, and discontinuing its involvement in voter roll maintenance.

Texas Breaks Ties with Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

According to Votebeat, the Texas secretary of state formally withdrew from a nationwide partnership on Thursday. This collaboration is regarded as one of the most powerful weapons against voter fraud.

Christina Adkins, the director of elections for Texas, handed in her letter of resignation to ERIC on July 20. The withdrawal will go into effect on October 19, 2023, in accordance with Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) rules.

A partnership of top election officials from seven states founded Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) in  2012 as a cooperative organization for voter list management. States that sign up for ERIC agree to share their voter registration data as well as license and identification data from their motor vehicle agencies every two months.

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Electronic Registration Information Center – Photo by: (Votebeat Texas)

Reason Behind the Withdrawal of Partnership

According to Alicia Pierce, the secretary of state’s spokesman, the state’s exit from ERIC was compelled by the requirement to conform to the provisions laid down in Hughes law. She also emphasized that eight other Republican-led states had previously withdrawn from the alliance since 2022, including Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, Missouri, Iowa, and Virginia. Each of these states’ withdrawals was motivated by comparable political factors.

Despite its resignation from ERIC, Texas is still required by state law to participate in a multistate data-sharing project aimed at maintaining accurate voter registrations, which prompted the state to join ERIC in 2020. However, once the state stops using ERIC in October, it will be in violation of this obligation unless it successfully determines an adequate alternative, which is predicted to be difficult.

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