The Changes of the Local Economic Growth in Polk County

For the past 9 years, the gross domestic product of Polk County went up to 35%.

In a published article on LAL Today, the local economic growth of Polk County had risen. But how do you think it affects the local economic growth of one of the fast-growing counties in the country?

Polk County’s industry is composed of mining, agriculture, and tourism. The local economic growth according to the gross domestic product reaches up to 35% which is higher than before.

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Most of the contributors to the local economic growth are the insurance, finance, and real estate industries. The agriculture decrease its local economic growth into fifty-two percent. On the other side the manufacturing goods and wholesale trading grow into one hundred seventy-seven percent and one hundred forty-five percent.

In the report Lakeland ranked into 3rd biggest boomtown. But since the economic growth is growing there is a possibility also that the it will shows signs of moving in a slow motion. Especially when the the rates are rising the projects and any developmental projects in the county will slowdown.

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