The Cosby Show Under Spotlight Again: Singer Morganne Picard Accuses Bill Cosby of Sexual Assault and Drugging

The Cosby Show is back in the headlines as singer Morganne Picard filed a lawsuit against the show’s former star, Bill Cosby.

The Cosby Show’s Dark Shadow

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The 86-year-old actor of the Cosby Show is facing serious allegations of sexual assault and drugging that allegedly took place during the production of the Cosby Show in 1987. Picard claims that Cosby invited her to the Cosby show set and coerced her into consuming beverages that made her feel extremely intoxicated. The lawsuit doesn’t stop at Cosby alone; it also names the production entities of The Cosby Show, Kaufman Astoria Studios, Astoria Studios LP II, the Carsey-Warner Company, and NBCUniversal as defendants. According to Picard’s legal team, they failed to investigate, reprimand, or take any measures to prevent Cosby from allegedly abusing and assaulting women.

The Cosby Show Production Entities Named in Lawsuit

Singer Morganne Picard’s Disturbing Account of The Cosby Show Set Experience (PHOTO: Glenn Carstens)

Picard’s distressing account of the events that unfolded that night reveals that she was allegedly raped after succumbing to the effects of the unknown intoxicant. She awoke, disoriented and violated, with a profound sense of betrayal. The lawsuit claims that Cosby took advantage of her incapacitated state and violated her without her consent during the Cosby show set. These harrowing allegations are a stark reminder of the potential dangers that lurk behind the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. Cosby, once considered America’s favorite dad due to the Cosby show, has staunchly maintained his innocence and vehemently denied all accusations brought against him. However, the mounting number of accusations and legal challenges have left a dark cloud over his once-glowing career. This is not the first time he has faced such allegations, as he was named in another sexual assault trial back in December. Now, with The Cosby Show, the show that brought him fame and fortune, entangled in this new controversy, the situation has only become more complex and troubling.

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