The Disappearance Of An Indiana Lawyer Following A Cross-Country Vacation Sparked A Manhunt For A “Person Of Interest”

In a nearly two-year-old missing person case, the lone “person of interest” has disappeared.

The estranged spouse of Ciera Breland, who vanished in February 2022, Xavier Breland, failed to appear in court at the end of December in Hamilton County, Indiana, on a separate firearms charge.

The Disappearance Of An Indiana Lawyer Following A Cross-Country Vacation Sparked A Manhunt For A

According to the court docket, the presiding judge cancelled the jury trial slated for January 8 and issued a re-arrest order while law police looked for him.

Fox News Digital reached out to Breland’s attorney, but they didn’t get back to them right away.

Before Breland was charged with having a firearm unlawfully in the possession of a violent felon due to an event that occurred on February 28, 2022.

That came two days after he filed a report about his wife Ciera Breland going missing from their house in Carmel, Indiana.

Since 7:17 p.m. on February 24, 2022, when a security camera caught her waiting for a delivery outside her mother-in-law’s house in Johns Creek, Georgia, Ciera has vanished from sight.

After visiting Ciera’s parents in the Peach State in mid-February 2022, Ciera, her husband Xavier, their 5-month-old kid, and their dog had been in Georgia for almost a week at that point.

Xavier went back to Indiana, but the FBI claimed there was no proof Ciera ever returned with him. He hasn’t been charged to her disappearance, and her body hasn’t been located either.

In a March interview, Ciera’s mother Kelly Locklair told Fox News Digital that her daughter was “scared” of Xavier, who had successfully defended himself against charges of weapons possession and stalking in two different criminal cases.

“Ciera had no intention of returning to Indiana,” Locklair said. “She told me, ‘However I have to leave, I’m leaving… My furniture can rot. I’m never going back.’ That’s how desperate she was to get out.”

The one individual the police have mentioned in the past two years is suddenly missing, and it seems they have no idea where he is.

According to the court docket, Xavier’s jury trial for the firearms accusation has been rescheduled three times since June 12, 2023.

The Carmel Police Department received the initial missing person complaint and forwarded calls for the warrant to the Hamitlon County Sheriff’s Office.

Fox News Digital reached out to Carmel police for comment, but they did not get back to them right away.

When police called to report Ciera missing but her infant safe, Ciera’s mother stated in the prior interview that she and her husband “know” their daughter is dead.

“She’s definitely gone,” Locklair said. “That was the first thing my husband said when police called after (Xavier) reported her missing, and the officer said she had walked away without bringing the baby. She wouldn’t even take a shower and let anybody else watch the baby.”

Locklair thinks the body of her daughter might be in Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, or Indiana.

A $10,000 prize is offered for information in this case.

However, until there is more concrete proof or Ciera’s body, it is unlikely that Xavier will face criminal charges in connection with her disappearance.

In a March interview with Fox News Digital, Bryan Howard, Xavier’s attorney, disputed that his client had done anything wrong and claimed that the case would never move forward if “police continue to focus” on him.

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