The Eldest Daughter Of A Utah Parenting Blogger Accused Of Child Abuse Speaks Out For The First Time Since Her Mother’s Arrest

Ruby Franke’s oldest daughter, who was arrested and accused of child abuse last month, has spoken up for the first time since her mother’s arrest.

The Eldest Daughter Of A Utah Parenting Blogger Accused Of Child Abuse Speaks Out For The First Time Since Her Mother's Arrest

After authorities rescued two of Franke’s six children from Hildebrandt’s home on Aug. 30, she and her business partner, Jodi Hildebrandt, who run a parenting and lifestyle YouTube channel together, were both charged with six counts of child abuse. The children appeared emaciated and neglected, according to authorities.

“There’s literally not even words to describe how upside down my life has become,” Shari Franke, Ruby’s oldest daughter, wrote in an Instagram post this week.

“I’ve cried, had an infinite number of panic attacks, had way too much ice cream, and yet life goes on. Therapy has literally saved me, but God has too. My life is somehow becoming more beautiful and fulfilling, despite all the terrible things going on.”

Shari went on to say that despite her want to “hideaway,” she has tried to live “life to the fullest” in the last several weeks.

“Tomorrow is another big court day, and I’d appreciate your prayers and thoughts for my family and myself,” she wrote ahead of a hearing in her family’s child welfare case, which has been sealed from the public. “Words can’t express the gratitude I feel for you all, and I feel your love.”

Shari posted an Instagram story immediately after her mother’s arrest, with a shot of a police truck outside their home and the message “Finally.”

After rescuing Franke’s youngest children from Hildebrandt’s home on August 30, police began looking for her other four children, who were not present at the time. According to Springville Police documents, authorities had to force the front door open when serving a search warrant at Franke’s residence.

Ruby’s husband, Kevin Franke, reportedly told police two days later that his front door had been “kicked in and damaged” and that some of his equipment was missing. He also implicated Shari, his oldest daughter, as a suspect in what he believed was a burglary.

“Kevin stated that Shari is not allowed in the home and that he believes she entered unlawfully and he wants her charged with burglary,” the officer wrote.

According to the complaint, the officer then informed Kevin Franke that his door had been smashed into after the Springville Police Department issued a search warrant at his home, and his daughter was not to blame for the damage.

According to the report, Kevin Franke “wanted to have his daughter charged with theft for taking some hard drives out of the house,” but the responding officer told him that “his daughter wasn’t aware” she wasn’t supposed to have them and promised to bring them back.

Shari allegedly returned the equipment to police, which included three tablets, three cellphones, three cameras, a stack of written journals, and three passports, and the responding officer “gave them to the complainant who arrived a short time later.”

The police informed Kevin Franke that they would not charge his daughter “as her intent was not to deprive him of any items, she had previously been allowed in the home, and he had not been in the home admittedly for 13 months,” according to the police report.

According to the complaint, Kevin Franke then threatened to sue the police agency.

Randy Kester, Kevin Franke’s attorney, told 2KUTV that police claims claiming Kevin wanted his daughter detained were false.

Ruby Franke ran a popular video blog, or “vlog,” called 8Passengers, after herself, her husband, and their six children, for years before ceasing posting due to outrage over some of her inflammatory recordings. In one of these videos, Franke addressed her followers about the couple’s choice to withhold Christmas gifts from their two youngest children as punishment for what she called selfish behaviour.

In an Instagram post from August 2021, Ruby Franke identified herself as a “nurturing mother.”

“When the world accuses you of being the one thing you know you aren’t, please know you are not alone. I look around me at the fruits of being a nurturing mother and my heart is full of gratitude and joy,” she wrote. “The world creates chaos by labelling things that don’t reflect Truth. If you are misunderstood, labelled, or accused- remember The Truth.”

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