Minnesota Families Impacted by Israel Attacks Share Struggles

Ari Parritz flew from St. Paul to Israel last week for a cousin’s wedding. Following a horrific attack on Israel over the weekend, he is now keen to return home to his wife and young children.

“This emotion is tempered by the fact that so many people, including young children, are not doing that right now.” All of the children who were slaughtered and brought to Gaza have had no experiences. They’re having quite different experiences, and I can’t reconcile those two realities,” he explained.

The Hamas militant group carried out the bloodiest strike in Israel in decades. So far, the incident has killed over 700 people in Israel and injured 2,150 more.

Another truth, according to Parritz, is that Israelis are preparing for what comes next.

“They have to call people from all over the country down to their bases and to different operational points and eventually to either Gaza or to anyplace else in the country where they’re going to defend borders,” Parritz went on to say.

Shay Gilbert Burke, who grew up in Golden Valley, is among those mobilising. In 2020, he relocated to Israel and joined the Israeli Army.

He returned to the United States earlier this year, but travelled to Israel for the Jewish holiday this week, and he’s been called back for duty.

“All they want is to exist, and Shay is fighting for that.” “That’s incredible,” Shay’s mother, Darcy Gilbert Burke, remarked.

His Twin Cities family is now praying for his and Israel’s safety.

Shay Gilbert Burke’s sister Izzi Gilbert Burke said, “The community we grew up in, that’s what instilled all of these values.” “When terrible things happen, you must band together and be there for those around you.” And we Minnesotans have proven that we’re pretty good at it.

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