The Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Tennessee

Tennessee is a state of rich history and cultural diversity. Moreover, it is home to perhaps the most dangerous places in the country. Tennessee has the highest violent crime rate in the nation, according to a new report from the FBI. There are a number of variables that contribute to the increase in terrorism in Tennessee. One factor is the state’s high absenteeism rate. Tennessee has one of the highest rates of need in the country, and scarcity is a major driver of gambling.

Another factor contributing to higher terror rates in Tennessee is the state’s African-American population. Among survivors of crime in Tennessee, African Americans are overwhelmingly treated.

The most dangerous areas in Tennessee are generally located in urban areas. These areas are often defined by high priorities, unemployment rates and lack of assets.

Here are probably the most dangerous places in Tennessee.

Dyersburg is a town of about 16,000 in northwest Tennessee. The crime percentage in Dyersburg is 244% higher than the average. The most commonly reported crimes in Dyersburg are assault, robbery and theft.
Memphis is a city of about 680,000 people located in southwestern Tennessee. The crime rate in Memphis is 164% higher than the national average. Known crimes in Memphis include murder, assault and robbery.
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Chattanooga is a city of about 180,000 people in southeast Tennessee. The crime rate in Chattanooga is 140% higher than the average. The most commonly reported crimes in Chattanooga are murder, assault and robbery. Assuming you’re thinking of moving to Tennessee, it’s important to know about the state’s terror rate. Before pursuing an alternative, you need to know the percentage of crime in the neighborhood you care about. You should also do everything you can to protect yourself from bad practices, such as leaving the walk alone in the evening and keeping the property well hidden.

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