The Progressive Democrat Who Criticized Austin Police For Seeking Domestic Police Patrols Was Rebuked

After demanding a police patrol at his residence from the Austin Police Department, a progressive congressman connected to “The Squad” who proudly voted to defund the agency when serving on the city council and criticised it just last week for alleged racial practices, is facing backlash.

The Progressive Democrat Who Criticized Austin Police For Seeking Domestic Police Patrols Was Rebuked

“It’s come to our attention that Anti police king of the defund movement in Austin @GregCasar who only last week called APD an agency with racist practices has requested enhanced patrols around his house for the next week,” the Austin Police Retired Officers Association posted on X Tuesday.

“We want everyone in Austin to feel safe,” the post added. “But this seems to us as the height of hypocrisy from the congressman. Maybe he should hire private security like his fellow squad members do. Sure seems like he wants the police in his neighborhood just not yours.”

Casar submitted his request via the US Capitol Police in Washington, D.C., and the Austin Police Department received it after that.

When Casar was a member of the city council in 2020, he was arguably the most outspoken advocate for cutting funds to the Austin Police Department. Critics claim the city is still recovering from the police shortfall and wave of officer retirements that resulted from it.

“We did it!!” Casar posted on X in August 2020. “Austin City Council just reduced APD’s budget by over $100 million *and* reinvested resources into our community’s safety and well-being.”

Casar also criticised the Austin Police Department’s policies and practices in a letter to the Justice Department last week, emphasising the “need for systemic reforms to the Department’s policies and practices of excessive and lethal use of force, racial discrimination, and discrimination against people with mental health conditions.”

Residents of Austin quickly criticised the request for the security detail on social media after it was revealed, with many claiming it was a hypocritical request, after Fox News Digital confirmed the request.

“So @GregCasar believes APD is a racist institution that requires DOJ oversight but then requests more APD patrols around his house,” Austin personal injury attorney Adam Loewy posted on X. “Interesting juxtaposition.”

“Greg Casar is a fraud,” Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak posted on X.

The Austin Police Retired Officers Association president, Dennis Farris, told Fox News Digital that although he thinks Casar should have more protection if officers are available to provide it and there is a genuine threat, he also said the request is the “height of hypocrisy.”

A week ago, he was calling the Austin Police Department a racist department that targeted Black and brown people, and this week he’s asking the exact same department to do enhanced patrols around his house,” Farris said.

“It doesn’t matter what political party they’re in. If they ask us for our help, we will give it to them,” Farris added. “The last thing we want is something happening to them. My issue with it and the issue that most of my members are going to have with it is the fact that this guy, you know, it’s the whole squad thing, right? It’s the whole, ‘We hate the cops, we hate the cops, we hate the cops. Oh, please, come help us now.’ He is the architect. He is the architect of defund the cops in Austin. He started this whole mess.

Casar’s office told Fox News Digital it does “not comment on active security matters related to the Congressman.”

“Our office has not been in communication with the Austin Police Department on this matter because these issues are handled by the United States Sergeant at Arms, who then works with U.S. Capitol Police and local law enforcement agencies.”

The office of Casar cited a statement made by William McFarland, the Sergeant at Arms of the US House, which stated, “The Sergeant at Arms takes the safety of Members of Congress very seriously.”

“We ask the public and law enforcement agencies to not comment on specific security measures or active cases because doing so exposes potential vulnerabilities.”

A spokesperson for the United States Capitol Police told Fox News Digital it “does not discuss any of the potential security measures that are available to all of the members of Congress” due to “safety reasons.”

An Austin Police Department spokesperson told Fox News Digital it is “aware of the request made by Representative Greg Casar” and is “following the same protocol and assessment we would as with all requests.”

“Our agency takes all public safety concerns seriously. Our priority is having a secure and safe community for everyone to feel protected while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive information.”

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